Someone once told me that people like people who know Jesus.  I am not talking about religious people, or even churched people, I am talking about people who know Jesus.  There is a difference.

            Religious people are doing things in a way that will “please” God to the point that when they meet Him face to face, He will give them entry to Heaven.  They tend to have a rather selfish outlook on life and will not do things unless they can get the edge.  Sure they may tell you about God, but it will sound rather hollow or even harsh.  Religious people can also appear to be quite superstitious – they do things as though doing them correctly will garner eternal points Churched people have the same goal, but what they believe will “please” God is attendance and even participation at church.  Sure they are there every time the doors are open, carrying the right Bible, wearing the right clothes, looking very together.

            Someone who knows Jesus is aware that no matter what they do on their own it is garbage, but if they offer a cup of water to a thirsty person in Jesus’ name, God is pleased.  They understand that appearance is nothing – action (again, with the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit) is everything.  They are others centered, not self-centered.  Someone who knows Jesus knows their sins (which continue to happen) are all forgiven and they hurt for those around them who have not heard.  Someone who knows Jesus, does not look at others as less than themselves, but instead wants to build them up to be what God has made them to be.

            Does someone who knows Jesus attend church?  Does someone who knows Jesus have a religious bent?  Maybe, but it will look very different.