Was talking with an atheist friend of mine a while ago.  He was kidding me about my “imaginary friend” and I asked him how it felt to be all knowing.  He looked puzzled and asked me why I said that.  So I took him through this conversation:

You know there is no God                                                          – He said that’s right God does not exist.

So, you are saying you know everything                                  – How do you figure?

Who was your best friend in 6th Grade                                     – He told me his name.

Oh, I said, he does not exist.                                                      – Yes he does he was my friend.

Unless he appears right now, I don’t believe he ever existed   – You’re crazy!

That changes nothing, you can’t prove he exists therefore he does not.

I explained that I have a relationship with God, no I freely admit, I have never seen Him, but I have heard Him and I talk to Him all the time.  “You claim He does not exist and that means you are claiming that you know everything.  There is no way anyone can say God does not exist (anywhere) unless they know everything.”

He (reluctantly) admitted that he is not all knowing – but maintained that God does not exist.  “Then neither does your imaginary friend from 6th grade.” I said.  I told him that he is perfectly welcome to doubt God’s existence, I would be willing to accept that.  But unless he is willing to admit that he knows everything that is knowable, he cannot say God does not exist.


I didn’t ‘win’ the argument, that was not the point – I gave him something to think about.