There is a verse in Revelation that says;
11 And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death. Revelation 12:11 (ESV)


Bev has asked some people if they would be interested in writing out the testimony of how they “came to Jesus,” so we could put them on our website on a rotating basis.  Those who have agreed have found it difficult to put into words.  I would encourage everyone to take some time and do this exercise, whether you want us to put it up on our website or not.  It is an extremely important thing to have, and not only for ourselves.


I have often reminded you that the Great Commission requires us to teach others what Jesus has taught us.  This is a great way to start, because if you are like me, Jesus began to get your attention long before you started going to church or before you asked Him to forgive your sins.  One of the first things I remember learning from Him was that He would be with me, and that those habits I had tried to get under control so often and failed, I would no longer be attempting alone, or in my own strength (such as it was).  He would be with me.  Not in some sort of “good Bill” sitting on one shoulder with a “bad Bill” on the other  arguing with each other and trying to convince me to do what they want sort of way.  Not like some sort of Jewish Mother watching my every move and making me feel guilty when I blew it either.  I began to see those habits in a different light.  I began to see that what I was doing really wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it was.  I began to realize that the behaviors were driving me, not me driving them.  He gave me the strength to change that.  Not all at once; it took time.  Believe me, I continued to blow it on a regular basis.  Slowly I began to master them, one by one, a little at a time.


I am still in that process, and I expect to be the rest of my life.  But the more I allow God to make changes in me, the more I experience that Greater Life I keep talking about.


It’s really pretty cool!