Seems as though “we” are being bombarded by others who are telling us how we should be.  I heard something a while ago and I passed it along to you (several times), and now I would like to bring some clarification.  What I told you was that the Church should be known for what it is for and not what we are against.  I believe this, but let me bring some clarification because I do not mean what others seem to be saying.

The message from others is that the Church is too condemning and we need to let people know that Jesus loves them and so do we.  We need to stop being negative.  On the surface, I agree with this statement.  Except when it is taken too far.  Some suggest that we should not get involved in controversial matters.  Especially if Scripture tells us the action is sin.  We should at that point mind our own business.

There may be something too that, doesn’t the Bible tell ‘us’ to remove the log from our own eye, BEFORE we take the speck out of our neighbor’s eye?  Why, yes it does in Matthew 7.  So by all means, let us make sure we have our own act together before we start throwing stones.  Here’s the problem, some people are suggesting we just stay out of it – completely.  We shouldn’t judge, they have every right to behave anyway that makes them happy.

Yes, they pretty much do have the right to live the way they want (within the law), but is their way of life best?  Is it even healthy?  Do we have the responsibility to warn people if they are making a mistake?  If you know the bridge is out, don’t you have the responsibility to warn people?  If you were just standing there and not warning people the bridge is out, you are liable to answer to the courts on charges of depraved indifference.  Yet we believe the loving thing to do is to allow people to throw their lives away? 

I don’t see it that way and I do not believe God does either.  We are supposed to warn them.  It becomes their choice after that.  It is not our job to convince them, or stop them, or force them to comply.  It really is their choice – God gave them that right, and He loves them far more than we do.