You no doubt, have heard by now of the detox that Bev and I are doing.  Frankly I don’t know what possessed to want to do this.  However, one week into the deal and I am glad I did.  Sure, I’ve had to eat some things no human should have to (Chia is a pet – not food), but on the whole it has not been as unpleasant as I thought it might be.  I have lost several pounds and I am not starving, I have a little more energy and I can tell I feel better.  In addition, I have taken the opportunity to put together an exercise program that I can live with.

I have also been more diligent about my spiritual life (I figured only God would get me through).  For instance, I am not reading my Bible anymore.  You read that right - Not reading my Bible.  Instead I am paying attention to what it says.  I got into the habit of reading the assigned passage, checking it off and be done.  Not anymore.  Not just because it’s God’s Word and should be heeded.  Instead for me, it is God’s Word to me and if I am smart (it happens occasionally) I will do what it says.

I have been amazed at what I am being reminded of and what I am re learning.  Even seemingly inconsequential things – Did you know that Elijah and John the Baptist wore the same kinds of clothes?  A camel hair shirt and a leather belt.  Check out 2 Kings 1:8 and Matthew 3:4.

I would encourage you, if you are not already doing it, to ask God to give you “new eyes” to see when you begin to read His Word.  I challenge you to learn what He wants you to know.