How far are you willing to go to reconcile with someone who hurt you?  What if that person isn’t looking for reconciliation?

That is exactly what Jesus did.  He did not hurt us, we sinned against Him.  We did not come to Him, He came to us.

If that were all, it would still be a pretty cool deal.  However, that was not all.  Think about this:
Jesus, being fully God, living in Heaven came to earth.  If He ever had a “need” in Heaven and if He did not want to be bothered to get “it” for Himself, Jesus could have sent one of the multitudes (Bible word for lots) of angels and they would have “it” for Jesus in less than a split second.  Fact is, He didn’t have any needs.

This same Jesus, left Heaven (and the multitudes of angels), and came to earth.  He came to earth and was born a baby.  He was born in a stable.  A stable back then was really a hollow part of the side of a hill with some sort of fence around it.  He was cradled in a feeding trough.  We are talking GOD here people!  He was not born in a palace with hot and cold running servants.

Here is what really bends my mind; Philippians 2 tells us that He emptied Himself so that He would be fully human.  When He had a need, which He truly did have now, He could not snap His fingers and solve the problem, nor could He grab the nearest angel and send them out.  Suddenly the creator of the universe, got tired, hungry, had to go to the bathroom, caught colds, was hot, cold, laughed and (in spite of the stupid song, Away in the Manger), did too cry.  In fact, He was tempted in every way you and I are tempted.

All this so that He could die to reconcile us to Him.  The only way for us to be able to stand with God, was for God to pay for our sins.  And He did it, in fact He did it joyfully.

So I ask again, how far would you be willing to go to be reconciled with someone who hurt you?  Jesus went even farther than that.