God is amazing!  The reading in our Life Journals recently has taken us through Abraham’s life.  What really stood out to me is the prayer of Abraham’s servant.  Abraham sent him to find a wife for his son Isaac.  The servant arrives, not know anyone, no one expects him and he has no way of contacting anyone.  So, he has this idea….

He prays (always a good idea) and runs his plans through God (again good!).  “Lord God of Abraham…”  To be honest, we don’t know this this servant is a believer.  Though logically Abraham would only send a most trusted servant on such an errand but the servant appeals to his master’s God, not to God on his own.  I suppose it is entirely possible this is the first prayer this guys has ever uttered.  His plan is that he is going to ask the women who come to the well for a drink.  The right one will not only give him a drink, but offer to water his camels as well.

That got me thinking.  I did some checking a camel can drink as much as thirty gallons of water in fifteen minutes.  The servant brought ten camels.  TEN CAMELS!  That is three hundred gallons of water.  The aquarium in my office holds 180 gallons – just for reference.  Whoever this woman is – she is a keeper!  The great thing about this plan and prayer is that God does not keep the servant waiting.  Even as he finishes the prayer – here comes Rebekah.  The very first woman to come to the well is the one for Isaac.

As simple, specific, heartfelt prayer and that possibly uttered by a non-believer and God hears and immediately answers.  That is very encouraging to me and it gives me confidence to come to God with my plans and desires.