The Christmas season is upon us and that means – we’re busy.  It is a great time of year, because people are focused on the idea of giving to others, which includes giving to the poor.  Also, regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey, almost everyone is aware of the importance the Christian community places on the day.

Arguably it is the second most important day on our calendar.  I say that because I still talk to people who insist it is THE most important day.  Their argument seems valid, if Jesus had not been born, He could not have died for our sins.  The problem with this argument is that they give their argument away with the last half of the statement.  The pivotal point in history is that JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS.  Jesus’ birth, growing up and even His ministry pail in light of the cross. 

Jesus birth did not provide the sacrifice that redeemed us.  The miracles He did were not sufficient for restoring the broken relationship between God and man.  Nor was His teaching about the Kingdom of God what brings us peace.  It was at His death, that the curtain that separated us from the very presence of God was torn.
Now don’t get me wrong, I agree that if Jesus had never been born, it would have been difficult (though not impossible) for Him to die.  Christmas is after all the SECOND most important day on our calendar.  What other day of the year do we have so much attention from heaven?  Even Easter didn’t come with Angels singing and a bright star in the sky.
There is a third day that we could argue about.  It’s the day you came to accept Jesus’ offer of forgiveness.  There are millions (billions?) of people who let the significance of Christmas and Easter just pass them buy and ignore the significance altogether.  To them, these dates are meaningless.  But not to you and I not anymore, not since that third date came into play.  Since that time, we have celebrated both those dates differently, because they take on a whole new meaning.
Frankly, I don’t know that “date” in my life.  I remember the circumstances, I remember how it came about and I remember how I felt after I prayed.  I do not remember the exact date.  Some of you do and I think that is great, but some of us don’t, and yet it does not take away the significance one single bit.
It’s kind of like Christmas really; chances are slim that Jesus was actually born on December 25.  The actual date is not as important as the fact that it actually did happen, so until someone shows me a certified copy of His birth certificate, December 25th is good enough for me.