My back is much better, thank you for all your prayers.

We have three big “things” to get ready for:

            The work on the radio station continues.  Guys, remember that on Saturday, September 29th (next week), we will meet at 7:30 here at the church for a men’s breakfast and then we will start to build the walls for the studio.  Please continue to pray about this new outreach to Elko and the area; it’s a big task, fortunately we serve a big God.

            Next thing to think about is Trick or Treat Street.  Again, I am not going to get into the debate about the origins of Halloween.  We are not celebrating the devil, and the kids who come to the Convention Center are not either.  They want candy!  And we want to bless our community.  What a perfect opportunity to do that.  We will need people to be at the door from 4:00 to 8:00 PM both Tuesday the 30th and Wednesday the 31st.  There is really only room for two people to be at the door at a time, three if we get an end door.  There is a sign-up sheet in the HeBrews Café.  Please sign up for one slot at a time – give others a chance.  If we have openings later as the date gets closer, then fill those in.  Remember  to show up!  We have designated next Sunday’s Silver Plate Offering for this event.

            Finally, we have begun preparations for Thanksgiving.  Last year, we fed a little more than 400 people.  This year we are going to plan for 500.  We get a lot of help from the community, but we need a lot of your help as well.  There is a lot to do, a lot to coordinate, so please pray about what you can do to help out.

We are entering into a busy time of year, and with all that is going on, we still need to have volunteers to help clean the church, provide the snacks for Sunday, teach children’s church, etc., etc.  There are opportunities to get involved.