The Internet has been down for two days!  I think my withdrawals are beginning to subside.

            Fortunately, yesterday (Tuesday) I was in Twin Falls at a meeting with 6 pastors who are also good friends.  This group meets 9 months out of the year; we spend the day discussing a book we’ve read, catching up on how our church is doing and how we are doing.

            As I explained last Sunday, in talking about False Teachers, one of the reasons for false teachers is the lack of accountability.  They have no one in their lives to ask the hard questions of them, or to challenge them about their lives.  Of course, their usual response to the question about their lack of accountability is that they are responsible to God.

            Wow, how spiritual is that?  These people are so advanced, so spiritual, that only God can hold them accountable.  The problem is that false teachers don’t listen to Him either.  This leads to a question I was asked a long time ago, “Who is your Paul?”  Along with that question is the follow-up, “Who is your Timothy?”  These two questions are an indicator of spiritual maturity.

            Who holds you accountable?  Who have you invited into your life that can ask the hard questions about how you are doing, and receive an absolute honest answer?  Who is it that you go to when you need prayer, or are struggling with an issue that seems to be getting the better of you?  We need EARTHLY people like this in our lives, and we need to listen to them, and do what they tell us to do.  Have you ever given someone advice and they look you in the face and tell you they won’t do that?  It’s infuriating isn’t it?

            The other question is, of whom are you asking the tough questions?  Who has come to you asking you to look into their lives and help them to become more like Jesus?  Is there someone that you have seen struggling with an issue and you have offered to come along side them and walk with them?  There is someone out there who needs you and will benefit from learning what you have learned.  Be prepared, however, after giving them the benefit of your best spiritual advice, to have them look you in the eye and tell you they are not going to follow it.

            In spite of that, discipleship works and is worth the effort.  Ask yourself those two questions.