I am getting ready to leave for High School Camp (no, I am not reliving my childhood – why would I want to do that?).  I have been blessed with certain skills (EMT) and I can use them to bless the camp during the summer – so I do.

You see you don’t have to have some huge Spiritual gift to be a blessing to other people.  Anything that you do well, can be used by God to show others about His love for them.  You need to purpose in your heart that is what you want to do.  Then pray – God will show you the rest.  Where, when, how, why will all be arranged and answered by God.  It is amazing what He will do when you make yourself available to Him.  Even if you think you have nothing to offer (you are wrong about that), He will use you in some way that will amaze you.

The next thing that you need to do is to be sure to tell others that it is God who arranged the circumstances and not just you.  I strongly suggest you wait until you are being thanked and just give God the credit “matter of factly”.  You do not need some big, 40-minute sermon, complete with Bible references and a power point presentation.  A lot of times, we forget this part (either one – not giving God any credit, or turning it into an opportunity for a full-fledged church service).  I think the story behind how I became an EMT is a great God story, but I only tell people that He arranged it, so that I could do what I do.  The “funny” thing is He arranged me to get these skills by using other skills He already gave me.

But that is another story……