As you read this, Bev and I are eight hours ahead of you, having invaded Ireland.  Be assured we are praying for you as my friend Conner brings you God’s Word.  I am writing the letter on Monday morning and we are unsure what we will be doing at this particular moment.  We are part of a tour and we are at the mercy of someone else’ schedule.  We are hoping we will get a chance to go to church, we done some research and found a couple options.  I think it will be a lot of fun to see how some folks do church out here!

Speaking of how church is done: I am thrilled to tell you that the Vision Team has finished their assignment!  I am extremely grateful to God for Darryl and Bonnie, Buddy, Gary and Bev for all of the work, thought and especially prayer that they have put into this project for the last year!  I am also grateful that God has been working through these people and what we have come up with (some you can see on the walls around you) and I am convinced this is what God has given us as our church identity.

In the coming weeks, we will develop another Team (called the Implementation Team) that will be charged with taking the Vision Team’s discoveries and making them a part of everyday life at Greater Life.  I ask that in your prayers, please thank God for the Vision Team and ask that He continue to bless and lead the new Implementation Team.

I have shared some of the results of the Vision Team, as we have discovered them, but I will take you through our findings completely in the next few weeks, so you will be completely informed.

Sa chuid seirbhísí  (in His service),