We have been getting a couple of faxes in the office over the last couple weeks.  The fax is advising us that there is a very important web site that we should check out.  On the surface this would seem to be a useful piece of information.  Except for the fact that the message on the first fax would suggest that if you do not check out the web site, you are not a man.  The other one suggested that we were not really Christians if we didn’t.  Out of sheer curiosity, I checked out the web site (feeling much better that my manhood, and faith are now fully assured).  The web site was just as off base as the faxes that brought it to my attention.  When I got those faxes, I was offended at first, and then I started to laugh.  Were these folks serious?  How many people are going to panic and rush over to the web site?  What would be next?  If you didn’t agree, would you then be accused of being stupid?  That is not my point here.


It got me thinking about how we treat others with the Gospel message?  Is it important?  Yes, it is the most important message anyone has ever heard.  Does everyone need to hear it?  Absolutely!  If that is true (and it is), the question then becomes how do we get the message across?  The problem is there is a plethora of people out there who will tell you; “this is the most effective method for getting people saved.”  On the surface that sounds so good, in reality however it is never that easy.  I’m sorry, there is no “one size fits all” method anymore.  In fact have you noticed no one uses that term anymore?  The clothing industry has adopted the phrase “one size fits most”.  In evangelism even that is not true.  This is why I believe in relational evangelism.


You do not treat all the people in your life the same way.  They are all different and you treat them as individuals, as proof I would remind you that some of your friends, don’t even like your other friends.  You acknowledge the differences between people, therefore you should acknowledge they will react differently to your attempts at telling them about Jesus.  I’ve told you before that my high school friends decided that I would never get saved and stopped talking to me about Jesus.  They did not stop being my friends, and I will bet they did not stop praying for me, or caring about me.  They recognized that they would not be the ones God would use to bring me to the cross (sure they misinterpreted it – but hey).  I am not giving permission to give up on anyone.  These friends did not really give up on me (a real friend never gives up on you).  I am saying listen to the Holy Spirit and follow what He tells you.  If it is to speak something to someone – then say what the Spirit tells you to say.  If it is in being quiet and “just praying” for them – do it.


Just watch how you come across to others, be obedient to God and watch what He does.  It will amaze you.