Let me be the first to officially welcome you to Greater Life Church!

We are finally here!  100 years and one day old and we take the first step to bring greater life to the people of Elko.  Well, okay, not really.  We have been doing it for a while, but today IS different.  Today we begin to tell Elko what we are about.

My question is; Are we going to stop at telling them?  I hope not, I am certainly not going to stop there.  In fact, as word has been getting out about the name change, I have had lots of opportunity to talk about it.  People wonder why we are making this move.  It is the opportunity for you to tell them.  Here is what I say:

          There are two reasons why we are changing our name; One is that our old name was a barrier that kept people from coming to church.  People in general are suspicious of “organized religion” and at the top of the list are Baptists.  Our hope in changing the name is that now people will at least come for a service before they decide to hate us.  The other reason is that our new name is more descriptive of what God has to offer people – a greater life.  I know it is true in my life.  I am a better husband, better father, better person than I was before I allowed God to work in my life.  I have a great life now.  In spite of that I know that the future, my life will be even better than it is now.  As I continue to allow God to do things in my life, I will receive a greater life than I have now.  It is what God wants to do in the lives of every person, it is the message we as a church want to give others, it is the opportunity we want others to have.

When you are explaining why we are changing our name, you have the opportunity to give your testimony of what God has done in your life to give you a life greater than you had.

To misquote Yogi Berra;  “When you come to an opportunity to give your testimony – TAKE IT!”