I had the chance to get away for a few days this week and I took it.  My plan was to try to organize and prioritize some of the things that are currently “on my plate”.  I used an MS Office Program called One Note, I have it on my iPad which is what I use for a computer when I travel.  I spent a day and a half putting together about 40 pages of “my life”.  It was great, I came home and all I had to do was take the saved document and transfer it via “the cloud” (an internet based storage application – actually called Sky Drive for Microsoft users) on to my desktop computer at work and I could make a few enhancements that are not available on the iPad app.  The make a long story short – I lost the file.  It’s gone – even St Anthony (the Catholic patron saint of lost things) cannot find it.

I have tried to recreate what I had written, I figured I could even improve on it some, but right now I am so frustrated, I cannot begin to think about what I had written.  I am not mad, just frustrated.  I am no amateur with the computer and I have been using the iPad and migrating files to/from my desktop for years.  I do not normally us the cloud; I really have never trusted it.  The file was saved; I looked at it for a couple minutes before I attempted the transfer.  I am not blaming anyone or anything, but this baby is outta here!

My next move was to calm down and to pray.  Pray that I would not “lose it” any further (either any files, or my temper), and that if possible, I would really like to find that file.  If that was not going to happen, I prayed that when I calm down, and start to recreate the file, that I would make the improvements on it I was hoping to.  I also prayed that maybe I could find a way to use this situation to be better and to help others do the same (handle frustrating situations that is). 

I really do feel better after I prayed, the file is still missing, but I will make it better when I start all over again.  As for helping others, well that is the point of this letter – to encourage you to pray to God about your frustrations.  Even if He does not help you find your file, He will always help you to find peace.