Why do we not hear from God more often?  I guess it’s possible he does not talk often – but I really doubt that.  I am not quite ready to believe that we are not really listening either (though, that seems more likely).  So why do we not hear from God more often?

I believe it is because we do not recognize who He is talking to.  He speaks to us and we look around to see who He is talking to!  We do not recognize He is talking to us because He talks to us the same way he talked to Gideon.  We hear “Hail, mighty warrior!” and we are hiding in a wine press threshing grain.  He’s talking to YOU.  Oh we are in good company; Gideon, Moses, Peter, etc.  All of them like a deer in the headlights: “You talking to me?”  Peter actually told Jesus to get away from him because he was so bad (Lk 5:8)!  Throw in Isaiah, David, Saul, Paul, John and you start to get the picture.

God does not see us the same way we see ourselves.  When He looks at us He sees His finished work.  In His eyes we are fully competent, fully equipped, fully capable of doing exactly what he wants us to do.  For Him, it’s a done deal.  Most of us are familiar with the saying; God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.  I am not sure of how accurate that statement is, but I know that God does not tell us to do something we are incapable of doing with His help.

Whether it is leading a million people through the desert for forty years with no preparation, or talking with a friend about what Jesus has done for your life.  It is all the same to Him.  In fact, if you can do those “little” things, you can expect to be tasked with the “big” ones.  Billy Graham did not start out by preaching to thousands – he started talking to one.  Greater Life Church started 105 years ago because a few people saw the need for fifth church in Elko – a Baptist one (for all that’s worth).

All we need to do those things for God is to be convinced they are from God.  Then we can trust that He has already made us the mighty warrior and go out and win the battle.