Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?          Matthew 7:3 (ESV)

How often have you heard a single person say something like: “I’m just looking for the right person.”?  Usually my response is: “If you worked on being the ‘right person’, others would be looking for you.”

If I am reading Matthew 7:3 correctly, it would appear that being the “right person” is not limited to singles.  It would seem God’s priority for us is us.  I need to get my act together before I get all wrapped up in your act.  This is separate from our civil obligation.  We are required by God to stand up for what is right; to vote for righteous laws and people; to protest (peacefully) and speak out when bad laws are being considered.  Refusing to fulfill your civil obligations for “spiritual” considerations is not Biblical.

We are talking about our day to day personal interactions here.  We need to be more aware of our standing before the Lord that that of our friends, family, etc.  When I become aware of something that appears to be questionable behavior in someone else’s life, well you know I take action.  I begin to pray.  It is not my intention to “rat someone out to God” in my prayers (Father, do you know that……..).  He does know!  Instead I pray that He would be given the opportunity to show the person whether their actions are pleasing to Him or not.  If not, He (not me) would show them.  If (and that’s a big IF) God wants to use me, I ask Him to have them come to me.  In addition, I pray that whatever the issue might be, that I have it under control in my life first.

I ask Him to continue to show me the logs that are in my eyes – I’m pretty sure there is still more than one.