When she was still a kid, Haleigh would recite 1Corinthians 13 (The Love Chapter) for Bev and me.  Typical of kids, either Meg or Shann kept on interrupting her, trying to get our attention.  They were not trying to be mean, they were just being kids.  Right after Hayes got to verse 4 (love is patient), she stopped and yelled at her sisters.  My thought was, memorize now, apply later.

It begs the question:  Why do we memorize Scripture?  There is really only one “good” answer to this:  To put God’s Word in our hearts, so we can put it into practice.  It does not matter to me how much, or how regularly you memorize, but what does matter is whether the Scriptures make that migration from your head to your heart. 

I have gotten in big trouble because I place more importance on the words than I do on the “address.”  You realize that the chapter and verse numbers were not a part of the Bible until about the 12th century.  They are not inspired, and in fact, they are poorly placed in some cases.  They do not affect the meaning of anything, but they are convenient for memorization and location.  Can you imagine me starting the service by saying,  “Open your Bibles to the part that says…..”?  When you read quotes from the Old Testament in the New Testament, no one is saying, “In Isaiah 15:32, it says….”  You are lucky if you even get a book title!  Having said that (and to get back into some people’s good graces), it is best if you can remember where you are quoting from.

My Pastor Ron (Rezendes) has a gift, he has so much of the Bible committed to memory, it is truly impressive.  He would be preaching and he would quote a verse or two, then I noticed he would look up and he would quote another couple, and then write something on his notes.  I asked him once what he was doing.  He told me that as he preached other verses would come to his mind, so he shares those and adds them to his notes.  The church had a Christmas party and we were playing a game and the question was, who can name most of the Beatitudes.  No one answered, everyone just turned to where Ron was sitting and laughed.

I have another friend who has a ministry of dramatizing certain books (yes, I said books) of the Bible and presenting it (almost) word for word, in the character of the author.  They are huge proponents of memorizing!

I am not telling you you should not memorize as much of the Bible as you can.  I am suggesting that it is equally important that you know what it means, and that you do your best to get it to your heart.  Then and only then will you be able to live it.

That is what will help other people know God better.